Girls Inc. of Jefferson County offers a wide variety of programs and classes based on the following six themes.

1. Careers and Life Planning

to enable girls to pursue careers that will provide them with the economic autonomy to integrate a rewarding career into their lives as women and family members.

2. Health and Sexuality

to enable girls to take charge of developing and maintaining fit, healthy bodies and to function comfortably as responsible sexual beings.

3. Self-reliance and Life Skills

to enable girls to conquer life’s basic challenges in areas both traditional and non-traditional for women and to prepare them to function independently and interdependently today and in the future.

4. Culture and heritage

to enable girls to appreciate their own and each other’s heritage; to enjoy diverse forms of creative expression; and to recognize the contributions of women to history and culture.

5. Leadership and Community

to enable girls to exercise personal and collective power effectively and responsibly; and to enable them to analyze and contribute to positive change in the community, nation, and world.

6. Sports and Adventure

to enable girls to compete and cooperate with confidence and to master a range of physical skills.


Please call Girls Inc. to ask about our current programs that are being offered! (812) 265-5863

Identity Programs

Girls Inc. of Jefferson County, Indiana offers these nationally developed programs targeting a variety of areas in a girl’s life.

Operation SMARTSM
Science, math, and relevant technology provide girls with experiences and introduces them to careers in these areas. Girls Inc. recognizes that girls are often steered away from technology. The end result is that, too often, they grow up to find themselves blocked from the fastest-growing and important economic sectors of the future. Girls Inc. is dedicated to providing these opportunities for girls. More
Preventing Adolescent PregnancySM
An abstinence-based approach to the problem of teen pregnancy. We offer both GROWING TOGETHER and WILL POWER/WON’T POWER as part of this comprehensive program. They are designed to help girls and parents communicate about issues pertaining to sexuality. More
A motor skills development program for girls 6 - 8. This class is designed to promote skillful body movement and health-related fitness among our youngest members. More
She’s On the MoneySM
An Economic Literacy Program for girls. It gives girls the skills, knowledge, and confidence they need to achieve financial independence and take charge of their lives. More
Action for SafetySM
A 12-hour self-defense and violence prevention course for girls age 9 - 11. This program prepares girls to avoid being victims of violence. More
Girls Dig ItTM
An archaeology program for girls ages 12 - 14. Introduces girls to the dynamic world of archaeology and allows them to experience the analytical and interpretive skills used in this discipline. More
Friendly PeersuasionTM
A substance abuse prevention and education program that targets girls age 10 - 14. It is designed to encourage girls to choose healthy and productive alternatives to substance use. More
Bone ZoneTM
A program designed to promote bone health and reduce the risk of osteoporosis. The program promotes the importance of calcium consumption and weight-bearing physical activity. More
My Girlfriend ZeldaTM
An introductory anatomy and physiology program for girls 6 - 8 years of age. The program serves two essential purposes: to help girls learn about their bodies and to teach them how to stay healthy. It also acquaints girls with some of the roles of health care professionals.
Girls Inc. Media LiteracyTM
This program helps girls recognize stereotypes in media, teaches them to “read” media messages with a critical eye, and educates them on the roles of women & people of color “behind the scenes” in media careers.